Looking to buy an Android phone?

A colleague in his 40s some weeks back felt so “old-skool” he did not want to be left behind with the new technology lest his job being at risk as we work in the telecoms industry.

He then decided to start by upgrading his mobile phone asking everyone that cared to listen for advice on which mobile phone to buy. Something smart and not too complicated.

In summary “An Android Phone” was echoed as against any other phone as if to say the name “Android” is a phone brand. Before you get it twisted if you are new to this forum, Android is a mobile device Operating System and not a mobile phone. In the market today there are a lot of mobile phone manufactures in the smart phone business, making more phones based on the Android operating system than ever anyone could have imagined.

Today, if you are confused about which Android mobile phone to buy; use this link as a guide, as there are loads of them out in the market.

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