Lagos Company Launches Traffic Information Service officially launches its Lagos Traffic service called The service is aimed primarily at helping Lagosians reduce stress and the time they spend on the road moving from one point to another. User will get access to up-to-the-minute traffic status / information within the state. The company is currently using a crowdsourcing model to gather the traffic information in different areas in the state and this is being done on a voluntarily basis.

The data is available across various platforms: mobile, web and SMS. User can update and query the database via

  • SMS,
  • Mobile Web or
  • on the website.

The homepage shows live feed of traffic situation across Lagos. Other location will be added shortly. The results are extracted from the database based on the submission from all the sources: web, mobile and SMS.

How to Report Traffic Status on the web?

Type the road/area you want to report and select from the list the exact road. The good news is that you don’t have to remember the exact details of the road. When type a name, the program will take care of the rest and you will be able to submit your report.

Apart from searching for traffic information through the different platforms, you can also set alert especially for the route that you normally take. All you have to do is to visit the homepage and then submit the required information.

For detailed information on how the service works, visit service page.

Our thoughts:

This is definitely a good service but we are concerned about the integrity of the data at the moment. Some people might just want to play pranks. So, it would be great if the system can have a means of verifying the data before storing them in the database. Also, we believe the volunteers will be more motivated if they are paid for this service.