Etisalat Nigeria Launches SMS-based Bulletin Board Service

In what looks like a move to ensure their subscribers get value on their network, Etisalat Nigeria recently launched DotMe – a new SMS-based bulletin board service. This service focuses on allowing on-the- go information sharing. DotMe is simply a bulletin board on your Etisalat mobile number. It is a new way to share information and stay connected with your contacts while on the go.

As an Etisalat subscriber, you can instantly publish information via SMS from your mobile phone and anyone, on any network, anywhere in the world who has your contact number can check your bulletin board using SMS. The good news is that the service is via SMS so having access to the Internet or a smart phone is not necessary. If you can send SMS, you will be able to use Etisalat DotMe.

Who is a Dotter? A person that posts their status.  Dotters can be any subscriber on the Etisalat network.

Who is a Follower? Any person that wants to access information posted on a dotter’s bulletin board.

How much does it cost?

Dotters can update their status free of charge during the initial launch phase while followers will pay normal SMS rates from their originating network.

How can you start dotting?

You have to be an Etisalat subscriber to be able to do. To start using your Etisalat bulletin board, compose a text message starting with a dot (full stop) and send it to 8900.  Messages can be up to 140 characters length. Example: you can send

“.I’m out of town on holiday for the next two weeks”

to 8900. Every status message is active for 30 days or until it is cancelled.  Anyone who has your contact number can dot you to get your status.

How do you follow a dotter?

To follow a contact, simply send a text with a dot i.e “.” to their mobile phone number.  You will receive a response with the latest status they have posted.

Out thoughts:

While this may be a good service, we feel twitter and facebook already have this segment covered. Only time will tell if the Etisalat DotMe will be able to break into this space.

Source: Etisalat DotMe