#IDLELO5: Rounding Off Final Moments


IDLELO5 has come and gone, but it was a wonderful moment for all the attendees, as it was filled with unforgettable moment. Everyone smiled and hugged each other at the closing ceremony before departure, but not to digress from the closing package which involved some wonderful presentation and training from Drupal, LPI, and Moodle trainers, not forgetting certification presentation.

The first presentation that we captured was by Aniedi Udo-Obong (Drupal Evangelist), the presentation was a real eye opener to Open Source (Drupal) and reasons why we must embrace it. Aniedi presentation was so wonderful as he wowed everyone and made the audience look forward to every slide he had on his presentation till the very last one.

Among the organization that uses Open  Source(Drupal) includes: The White House, New York State Senate, Daily Times, and Sahara Reporter.

The second presentation was by Seun Ajedeji. He talked about Moodle. After which we all parted ways into different classes where training were conducted. I attended the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), and had Babafemi Ogunmade and Olaoluwa Omokanwaye as trainers. I sure learnt so much about Linux from the amazing duo.

Nnenna later announced the IDLELO 6 through her twitter handle “IDLELO 6 will be at Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya #IDLELO5”. Although more information has not been made available, she said it was just a decision made by the committee in reply to oTeKbits’ tweet.

We can’t really explain the joy people shared at the closing than sharing the photographs which oTeKbits used to capture the moment.

What are you doing? visit our Flickr for #IDLELO5 photographs


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