Highest number of Tweets per second: Super Bowl?

Major events around the world do tell on Twitter servers (or not), but Twitter pay attention to release the average number of tweets that go out per second.

The Super bowl is perhaps the biggest most recent event, and Yes, Twitter paid attention – well, not for the first time. As seen from the twitter that went out from @Twitter, the highest tweets per second at the end of the game – 12,233 tweets per second. Second highest was during Madonna’s performance. That lady can still create buzz at the age of forty-or-fifty-something; 10, 245 tweets per second.

What events are there to be reckoned with?

  • The Bin Laden raid –  5,106 tweets per second (held steady at 4,000)
  • The MTV Video Music Awards – 8,868 tweets per second.

The biggest ever spike? the December 13, 2011 television broadcast in Japan of Hayao Miyazaki’s animated feature, Castle in the Sky, which got 25,088 per second.

 Perhaps, we’d soon have to follow the number of tweets that go out when Tinsel is airing. Wild guess, 250 tweets per second.