Has Social Customer Service Been Good To You?

Sword Ciboodle, a customer service provider and Thinkjar, a customer service consulting firm after conducting their research early this year have revealed that most businesses are incorporating social media sites like twitter and facebook as an avenue for customer service.

400 companies took part in the study in UK and US, about 75% are using social media in one way or the other. 59% are using twitter accounts and 60% are using Facebook accounts while 85% of the businesses are using both. Businesses in the United States were found to be using social channels for customer service a bit longer than the UK.

The proliferation of the internet with the help of more handheld devices and affordable internet being made available in more countries, the time people spend online has been on the increase as most people are online almost 24 hours of the day.  According to research, about 75% of the internet population will go online first whenever there is a problem with a product, business or service. Customer satisfaction has been revealed to be high in the two countries surveyed.

It was revealed that Nigeria is one of the five most active countries on online interactions in Africa;  according to ‘How Africa Tweets’, a new research launched in Nairobi recently, the high number of young people Tweeting from mobile devices are driving the growth of  especially Twitter in Africa.

Going further, the report stated that the researchers found out that “South Africa is the continent’s most active country by volume of geo-located Tweets of 5,030,226, which is over twice as many Tweets during the period under review. Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Morocco recorded 2,476,800; 1,646,212; 1,214,062; and 745,620 respectively.”

With the heavy presence of Nigerians on Twitter as well as other social media sites, some businesses have utilized this opportunity to interact with their customers both existing and new.

Has social customer service been good to you? How satisfied have you been? should social customer service be available 24 hours?


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