Google Obtains IBM Technology for Assessing Social Users’ Interests

Everyone knows Google is always trying to know what you like so as to return the best results every time you run a search query. Google is the  default search engine people turn to on the internet. Most of Google’s revenue comes from advertising and as such the search business is the main stay of Google. Microsoft also stepped into the search business by introducing Bing. There have been speculations that Bing has been eating up Google’s search market share and of course we both know Google won’t seat around doing nothing.

Google recently obtained a few patents form IBM which it hopes to use to understand the interest of users and help it present relevant results during search. The goal of this technology, as IBM originally stated, is to literally to filter out irrelevant links to articles that may not pertain to users’ search intentions. What we don’t know yet is whether Google intends to use this technology, or simply keep others from using it first.

Following this route, Google intends to satisfy users by making sure only relevant results are returned in search results. The advantages of this technology is overwhelming and if used and applied right will aid Google in taking back its search market share from Bing.

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