Google Maps updated to include indoor navigation


Google Maps has been one of Android users’ best friends. Even before Android, this nifty service has been a life-saver for all of us, letting us know our whereabouts and how to get to our destinations. Though getting to a place is itself an important task, sometimes buildings are so huge (airports, malls, etc.) that we tend to get lost in them. Wouldn’t it be great if Google could help us navigate inside buildings as well? Well, you will not have to wait any longer as the new Google Maps update is here to do just that!

As a celebration of Google Maps for Mobile’s sixth birthday (earlier this month), the Search Giant has released version 6.0 of what could be our most productive application. With this new update, Google has given us Indoor Navigation, along with a toolbar to switch between features, and a new Places home screen.

Finding your way around the airport, mall, etc. will be as simple as a few taps. You will no longer need to be asking around for direction and walking endlessly to find a restroom or a certain area of the building. Google Maps now tells you where you are, inside of the building, even including the floor on which you are located.

Hopefully most popular buildings will be available for Indoor Navigation shortly. And we believe as this rolls out for more buildings, we will never be lost again. What are you waiting for? Head to the Android Market and download this update! The only requirement is that you have Android 2.1 or above on your device.