Gbooza: The Nigerian News-Blog-Forum Online Community For China

Gbooza is a Nigerian exclamation to express surprise, astonishment or shock. Just like Yahoo! Ugh, well it is similar to Yahoo. Someone has put the word Gbooza to new use.

So what is it you ask, Gbooza is a Nigerian social news aggregation service launched two years ago to discover, share daily news, newspaper content from anywhere across the internet. Think Huffington post with the power of Facebook.

Gbooza is owned by a Nigerian immigrant in China, Spartan Arinze to fulfill the needs of Nigerians living in China after studying sites like Yahoo and Facebook. The creator’s goal is to create something for the Nigerian community in China, the site has about two thousand members with an average of 5000 pageviews a day.

He however hopes to make the number one social news network in Africa. The site though for Nigerians is global in perspective with an events section and a trading corner. China is by far Africa’s largest trading partner after overtaking the United States in 2009.  There is an influx of Nigerians into China daily with the areas of concentration being Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is very easy to sign up, go to




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