GBEDU.FM Goes Live, Rush Hour Style

Wondering what the rant was on twitter about the return of @ooTheNigerian, then this is it.  GBEDU.FM has gone live after 5 years of work, including several failed starts. Let’s hope this is not another one.

According to the creator, Spotify is the GBEDU.FM of the west. Now that’s pretty audacious, but perhaps the best way to express oneself after a product (or a service) has taken that long to go live. One can imagine the relief after pressure from parents, and peers.

I did take time to check GBEDU.FM and I think it’s more like rather than Spotify at first look. Perhaps with time I’d find the Spotify in the functionality and user experience.

If you wondering why I added ‘Rush Hour Style’ after it’s been almost 5 years of product development, that’s because GBEDU.FM was scheduled to launch tomorrow, but it’s gone out today – with a number of bugs and ‘issues’. Nwonye is sure counting on the ‘Crowd’ to help make tweaks via feedback.

So check GBEDU.FM out and tell us what you think? And yes, it’s a Facebook App. Ah! That’s Spotify-ish.



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