From cO to Oo: GBEDU.FM on Chrome App Store.

You know how they say a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Well look at the screen shots below to validate that. Without beating around the bush, cO sent out a tweet about putting up the Gbedu.FM app on Chrome. (good thing he added a twitpic too).

For the love from @OoTheNigerian, I did this for you : – ). #GbeduFM

Perhaps a more interesting part of this story, was Oo’s response. Appreciative could be an understatement as he responded with:

@cyberomin you are awesome man! Thank a zillion. We should talk bro

Let’s let the #gbagaun slide, as that may have been as result of his excitement. I’d rather focus on the last part of his response  – ‘We should talk bro’. A combination of these two in the tech ecosystem could lead to a lot of disruption, but only time will tell.

[We are watching…]



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