Develop Your Android and IOS app in 3 easy steps

If you meet any of the requirements below, you probably want to publish your app on the Android and Apple store.

  • Businesses interested in engaging customers to promote business, improving mobile marketing, m-Commerce
  • Mobile Developers who want to create social, publishing, music, LBS, e-commerce components for their apps, lower barriers to creating mobile apps.
  • Media and Advertising Agencies interested in keeping customers updated using advertising, social networking, real time analytics, and promotions.
  • Publishers needing digital channels to publish their magazines, newspapers and get customer interaction.

The good news is that you can now achieve this with the iBuildApp. iBuildapp is an online service that provides a simple and inexpensive way to build, test, track and update a native iPhone/Android, web app or even iPad app that supports text, rss feeds, images, audio, and video, and much, much more. The tool is designed so you can benefit from using easy-to-understand and convenient tools when building or updating your app. Your customers will benefit from simplicity and quick load time.

Creating your own app with iBuildApp takes only a few minutes and is absolutely FREE. Your followers will see your name and icon in the App Store. They can upload your app on their mobile device, while backstage you have a powerful content management system to update the app “on the fly”, any time, as often as you would like. Moreover, iBuildApp allows users without technical knowledge to make iOS apps and Android apps.

How does it work?

The solution presents users with a WYSIWYG editor, making the process of app creation completely web-based and requiring no special tech skills. To make things even easier, iBuildApp comes with a number of templates for many types of business and personal uses, including for restaurants, e-commerce stores, insurance and real estate agents, car dealers, doctor and medical offices, fitness centers, corporations, bloggers, bookstores, photo portfolios (and photographers), travel guides, sports teams, music and personal social networking.

How much does it cost to create an app?

With iBuildApp, you can create as many apps as you want – absolutely FREE!

Why should you use iBuildApp?

  • Free. Mobile app development is expensive – very expensive. iBuildApp service is free.
  • Real-Time Update. You can easily make changes and improvements to your iBuildApp app in real-time. This is not the case with most apps in the App Store.
  • Marketing. Promote your event, videos, tweets, news, photos, music, your company services.
  • Fun. Building your own mobile app is fun.

As I pointed out above, iBuildApp service allows anyone to build their own mobile app without programming skills or special software. If you have a mobile app for your friends, customers or public you can build your personal app to promote any product, service, or personal brand.

Do I need programming skills to build my own app with iBuildApp?

The best iBuildApp app’s are created by folks that have a basic understanding of technology and the internet. But, no special knowledge is required and you don’t have to be a programmer to build an app using the iBuildApp web-based system. To use iBuildApp, you do not need to be a developer. You can visually design the way the app looks and use blocks to specify the app content and behavior.

Do I need to download and install any software?

No, you don’t. The only things you need are your browser and imagination.

What are you waiting for? You can start to develop your mobile app now. Visit iBuildApp for details.