Co-creation Hub Pre-Incubation Support

Earlier in the day I wrote an article about various funds that are being set up around africa that begs the question; where are the innovations and the startups? Startup entrepreneurs and developers are waking up to a new era where opportunity and money will be chasing them around.

Co-creation Hub announced today a pre-incubation support for anyone that has an idea that can address a social problem.

According to the message on Co-creation Hub’s website, the pre-incubation is going to be a tough one.

What is their approach?

The pre-incubation is for idea owners who are fully committed to their projects and will commit their time, energy and resources to making their projects work. We encourage idea owners to think of their ideas as projects, and support them to develop realistic Project Implementation Plans (PIP), support the projects to follow through over a three (3) to six (6) months timeframe.

We apply the lean start-up model, working with the ideas to build Minimum Viable Products (MVP) with the end-users in mind, pilot their solutions and acquire their first set of customers who are critical in providing feedback necessary to build sustainable solutions for the larger market.

There are currently over twenty (20) projects in the Co-creation Hub’s portfolio is different stages of development.

CcHub support to early stage projects/start-up ventures amongst others consists of the following:

  • Mentorship to support projects through rapid prototyping
  • Physical resources such as office space and facilities
  • Access to seed funding and to investors
  • Access to a mobile testing laboratory for testing applications

Do you have that idea? Sign up at Co-creation Hub’s web page and start moving your idea to a solution that people will use one step at a time


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