Co-Creation Hub Opens It’s Doors To Red Members On Saturdays!

I remember asking if the CcHub allows non-hub members to showcase their stuff – project, ideas, products on the traditional Showcase Tuesday that takes place every fortnight and all three – Femi, Bosun and Tunji answered in the affirmative. Bosun was quick to add that the hub was for everyone, but different access level came with the membership plan.

I sure don’t want to be working from a glorified cybercafe, so I do approve of the whole membership system. However, the CcHub has shown a sign of good faith by taking a step further to attracting the type (or is it ‘kind’) of people it wants to, and removing the the barrier of paid membership while playing fair to all other member types.

So in a bid to increase interaction between members of the CcHUB, RED members are now granted FREE access to use the Hub on Saturdays with entry determined by a valid CcHUB ID Card.

I was a RED member for a while, and what that meant was that I could only be a virtual member and attend tech events that I register for. Now, I’m an ORANGE member and I can use the hub 6 days a week at a fee.

This offer is only open to registered RED Members. So if you would like to take advantage of it, go to and register now. RED membership of the CcHub is has always been free, but with the new development, registered Red Members will need to pay N1000 for CcHUB ID Card.  Don’t get it?

Before: RED Membership = Free = No Access to Hub (excl. Registered Event)
Now: RED Membership = N1000 (for ID Card) = Access to Hub on Saturdays

Sure sounds a pretty good deal. Don’t worry there’d be space for you as most folks that work Monday to Friday take the weekend off. So if you interested come to the CcHUB, 6th Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Road, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos with a recent passport photograph during the working week to process this.

Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to the oTeKbits reps at the CcHub. 


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