CcHub Developers Community Launches Wayopedia

“Yes, enough of Wha yo!(Scam)”. The CCHUB Developers Community earlier December sent out a message to all spammers with  their new Wayopedia.

WayoPedia is a crowd-sourced repository of scam keywords and phrases.

This is an open initiative of the CcHUB Developers Community aimed at contributing to resources available to developers globally in their bid to create intelligent scam email identification systems.

The team aims to train WayoPedia into an intelligent repository able to identify words and phrases used by humans to deceive.

Have you receive any scam email(s) in the past weeks? Then, visit wayopedia page and submit copy of these emails. all you need to do is to submit the scam emails online or forward them to The more scam emails the team engine, the more intelligent the WayoPedia engine will become.

What are you waiting for? Let’s join hand together to stop the works of these scammers