Breaking: Gbamest Launches With Manchester Derby

While Manchester United fans and Manchester City fans are getting into the spirit of the derby match that may determine who gets to become the English Premiership champions for 2011/12, the trioSeyi Taylor, Clive UA, and Victor Igbokwe, tightened up loose ends on ‘Gbamest!’. This product has been cooking for a couple of months, and what better time to launch than when it can mostly make sense. #Gbam!

What is Gbamest? It is a fun and interactive way to share and choose the best things and people around you. If you still don’t get what that means, simply head to and try it out. The launching contest tagged ‘Premier League Decider‘ makes sense if you are either a Manchester United or Manchester City fan, but then again you have right to support any of the two teams (the least evil) in the title race.

Heads up! You’d need to Sign up with either your Twitter or Facebook account, after which you Gbam! away.

Screenshot of showing the Premier League Decider contest. [Login Page]

Screenshot of showing the Premier League Decider contest. [Voting page]




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