BlackBerry Releases WebWorks SDK for Smartphones v2.1

Blackberry has just announced the release of its v2.1 of the Blackberry Webworks SDK for smartphones. The release comes with new APIs and applications functionality.  The new capabilities available to Webworks developers are:

  • NTLM & BASIC Authentication support
  • Camera API (take a picture or a video)
  • Top Banner Indicator API
  • Enhanced Push APIs
  • Improved rendering speeds for applications not using loading / transition screens
The Banner indicator API now allows developers to place their own icons and numbers in the banner area of the device home screen. This, thus, allows for notifications of changes to be provided to the users while the application is running in the background.

If you develop for the blackberry platform, you really need to get your hand on the new webworks SDK now.  Click here to get started.