Blackberry Releases BBM Social Platform SDK 1.0 for BlackBerry WebWorks

Blackberry has just announced the beta release of of its Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Social Platform SDK 1.0 for Blackberry WebWorks. You can now start to experiment with this and start to think about the possibilities of BBM integration in your application. The good news is that the beta version enables on-device testing.

So, as a Blackberry App developer, you now have the opportunity to perfect the BBM workflow in your application before it is released. The beta release allows the developers to achieve the following:

  • access and update fields in the user’s profile such as status, avatar and personal message
  • create your custom areas within the user’s profile for promoting recent application activity or storing trophies and achievements
  • initiate BBM chats with friend
  • Initiate file transfers
  • Share applications virally with friends in your contact list
  • initiate applications-to-applications background communication through BBM for sending and receiving applications instructions

To learn more about this BBM Social Platform SDK 1.0, visit the Blackberry developer page.