Attention Developers! Draw Something App Earns Six Figures

The ‘Draw Something‘ app takes the idea of Pictionary to mobile phones and tablets, just like the simple drawing game and give clues. This App is trending as it is being played and shared worldwide. Users draw the picture of a clue, and their friends try to guess the clue while watching the drawing being made in real time.

Draw Something combines the fun of the board game with the convenience of playing it in your own schedule, and without having to get everyone in one place to play.

Not impressed?
Draw Something has become a hit. In five weeks it has now surpassed Angry Birds in Monthly active users and has been downloaded over 20 million times, garnering more users than 3 year old foursquare and nearly as many as 1.5 year old Instagram.

Still not impressed?
It is making 6-figures a day, generating more revenue in it’s 5 week debut than OMGPOP made all of last year.

Draw something owes much of its success to like Jersey Shore’s Pauli D and Vinny, who have invited followers to play with them. News of celebrities enjoying social gaming often boosts the popularity of the games they are playing. Some argue Words With Friends enjoyed this same kind of success.

It is the number one app in 79 countries having knocked off Rovio’s Angry Birds as the game with the highest number of Monthly Active Users.

I yearn to see apps developed by Nigerians for the international market. so developers, next time you pick up your tablet or laptop to play any of highly successful games. think about it, you may be the next best thing



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