Launches Contest! Cash Prizes To Be Won!

“All apps have one common destination; the marketplace. However, with a number of marketplaces springing up, strategizing to offer attractive packages to developers is now the kill card. is introducing a platform where users can collaborate with developers to implement app ideas and suggest billing system. Besides rewarding app downloads, the site also rewards social engagement and gives out monthly prizes.” That was the first paragraph from my review of AppsBidder, about three months ago.

Well, it’s like the founder of, is holding a competition to spread awareness, and his team have worked hard on carving out a plan to make that happen while giving out guaranteed cash prizes to people who can signup and share the site with friends, which will take only two clicks of your mouse. Excited already? Simply sign up here.   You can also check the Facebook page, like the page and watch the videos to see what people are saying.

For any prize there are rules, so check out the contest rules. It’s simple:

Sign into appsbidder with Facebook
While you are logged into Facebook, go to‘s home page at the top right corner and access the “login” drop down: click sign in with Facebook, and you will get a Facebook box to refer 50 of your friends, please refer all of them by checking all check boxes.  

You can also improve increase your chances as one of the cash winners by:
Liking their Facebook page: 50 points
Downloading apps, 5, 10 + points
Sharing those app downloads on FB + 5points

If you still don’t get it: WATCH VIDEO Explaining the Contest.


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