Apple To Push HD Boundaries with iPad 3

Gizmodo has come across an inventory sheet from accessories manufacturer Griffin that uses the new name for the latest iPad. The sheet lists a number of color options for an ‘IntelliCase for iPad HD (3)’.

Since the new Apple tablet is expected to come with a much higher resolution(2,048 x 1,536 pixels), naming it the iPad HD would make sense. It will apparently boast a Retina Display with twice the current generation’s resolution and a greater pixel density than a full 1080p HD TV.

The screen is thought to be the same size as the iPad 2, and since one of the listings for a case on the inventory sheet gives an option for ‘iPad 2 / HD (3)’, this would appear to confirm this thinking.

Apple are holding a press event in San Francisco on Wednesday March 7, where it is expected the company’s CEO Tim Cook will unveil the new iPad to the world.


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