Android Developer Challenge: Finalists Announced

The finalists of the Android Developer Challenge, Sub- Shara Africa, have just been announced. The finalists were selected by the official panel of judges and fall within 3 categories:

  1. Entertainment / Media / Games
  2. Social Networking / Communication
  3. Productivity / Tools / Local / Geo
The finalists contain 28 Android apps which cut across the 3 categories mentioned above. The good news is that 5 apps made it to the list from Nigeria.This is like 18%. If we consider the number of countries in Africa, this is not a bad performance. Only South Africa (8) and Kenya (7) have better representation than Nigeria in the list. The apps submitted by the Nigerians are:
  1. Afrinolly: An app to watch Africa move trailers and track the stars
  2. Ayo: An app for ancient board game of strategy from West Africa
  3. TextonMotion: An app that allows you to navigate and text at the same time
  4. Yandda: An app that engraves your signature at any location for others to discover
  5. Breeze Through Service: An app that enables service providers to improve the quality of their services and strategic business decisions

To see the full list of all the 28 finalists, click here. These 28 finalists now have six (6) weeks to improve their applications i.e. add features, improve stability / performance etc. The final apps are expected to be submitted by 30 August through Android Developer Challenge website. All applications in each region and category will then be evaluated and ranked by a team of Google-selected judges. The winners will be announced on 12 September 2011 at the end of the judging period.

The otekBits team want to use this opportunity to congratulate the Nigerian team and wish them all the best in the next round.