Android “Adultery”

Its been said in many qauters that being faithful is a “strongman’s” (not being gender specific) lot. It would take alot a maturity with dedication to stay faithful to once inner yarning and desires.

This is the case with technology as device users hop from one vendor to another trying to get a taste of everything and possible the best of none. I found this article on the internet and decided to share it with readers of Otekbits.

A report from the US research group called Maritz Research has found that Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone users are more likely to own an iPad compared to tablets form Amazon, RIM and Samsung. Even though Android has the largest market share in the mobile market, mostly because the operating system is just about everywhere, users of the popular OS seem to also be fans of the Apple iPad. In the survey, more than 2,500 smartphone users in North America were asked if they would ever like to own an iPad.

In the survey, of the 2,500 that took it, 41 percent of Android phone owners said they would like to own an iPad. Only 19 percent of the same users said they would like a Samsung tablet and only 15 percent said they would like an Amazon Kindle Fire. Over 53 percent of smartphone owners that were tied to a BlackBerry device said they would like an iPad. Less than 9 percent said they would buy a BlackBerry Playbook, 12 percent said they would like a Kindle Fire and only 11 percent wanted a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Windows Phone users had similar results in the survey with 40 percent wanting the iPad, only 16 percent actually would buy a Kindle Fire and 12 percent would consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The research firm also looked at those that purchased a tablet in the last three months. Of those, 50 percent bought an iPad, 13 percent picked up the Kindle Fire and only 9 percent picked up the Samsung Galaxy Tab. In the research, options for Acer, Asus, Motorola, Sony and Toshiba were left out so there are no numbers to compare those that might have purchased a tablet from those manufacturers in the past three months.

Tablets are a hot topic these days and many manufacturers are finding ways of getting the prices down so they are more affordable for everyone. The survey did have pricing numbers with it and it showed that the iPad is on the top around $500, with the Amazon Kindle Fire hitting the bottom at around $180 for those that couldn’t spend more than $250 on a tablet. The study did include the Coby Kyros tablet as a lower cost, entry level type, but did not get enough attention in the survey for comparison.

This is facinating, i also must confess that am one of the Android unfaithful using an IPAD for my tablet.

Credits: Mobile Bloom News