Adamma Joins Winners of 2012 Google Zeitgeist Young Minds Competition

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Zeitgeist is a special event hosted by Google that brings together over 400 of the planet’s top leaders and biggest brains – from businessmen to bloggers and inventors to activists.  Professor Stephen Hawking, Desmond Tutu, Bill Clinton, Will.I.Am and Queen Rania of Jordan have been featured as guest speakers. For what purpose?  To talk about the big issues affecting our everyday lives, hear what they think is shaping this world of ours and begin to identify solutions to longstanding concerns.

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Zeitgeist Young Minds’ 2012 online competition was to find exceptional, motivated and inspiring 18 – 24 year-olds from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa(EMEA), young people making a positive impact in the world through science, the arts, education and innovation. The winners will be invited to participate in Google’s annual Zeitgeist event in London on May 21 and 22 alongside some of the greatest minds and innovators of today. There were nearly one hundred entries for the judges to choose from. The entries were selected based on creativity, innovation, reach, impact and response to social need. The winning ideas reflect the youth empowerment and social entrepreneurial spirit amongst today’s young people. Amongst the winners is a female Nigerian, Adamma Umeofia.

On each trip to the bustling local market, Adamma Umeofia saw a powerful opportunity: grimy market stalls sold the best local produce, but created a shopping experience that left much to be desired. With a better designed market stall, she thought, everyone could win: shoppers would enjoy the experience, and traders would sell more of their products.

Adamma thus founded WeBuilt: Africa, a social enterprise that sits at the intersection of her passion for Africa, design, and architecture. WeBuilt: Africa seeks to design and rebuild market stalls by recycling found building materials. Ada’s designs have the potential to revolutionize the marketplace experience for sellers and buyers alike. – Ada’s motivation

You can follow Ada on twitter @AdaUmeofia or visit, For more information on Zeitgeist, visit or the Youtube Channel for inspiring videos of young citizens of the world who are making a difference in their immediate society


Image Credit: YNaija


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