3 Requirements To Be IT Professional, The Logical And Automated Way

Many Nigerian youth have asked questions on How to become an IT Professional especially as a developer or programmer (Yes, those are two different things). So here are the 3 keys that I think should get you set or you need to put into consideration to become a good programmer – at least good enough to be considered a geek.

Make no mistake though, this is only to get you started. Once the game is on, hard work and persistence is needed to power through, because you’d have lots of ‘iQuit’ moments. Passion will bring you back, but hard work will keep you there. So with no further ado, here they are:

These 3 keys are magnitude or importance in percentage(%)

Interest/passion for IT stuffs …. 65%

Personal Computer …… 25%

Internet Access …. 10%


This is the main key as it carries 65% of the whole requirement. Passion is the only key you need to have to unlock the door of internet, web and mobile and its the only thing that would keep you going even when everything fails, without passion everything will look like jargon which it is.

Personal Computer

Yes, your PC carries 25% of the requirement because its the only tool to practice, compile and run your codes on. No shortcut with that. The PC is your friend, your buddy, your companion, your co-worker, your everything when it comes to IT.

Internet Access

Sincerely you don’t need more than 10% of internet access because it is also a source of distraction for you when you have access of it as a beginner in IT world.  I was a better programmer when I didn’t have a Twitter account. but people got it all wrong by thinking its should carry 75% of all the requirement. All you need your internet for is to download resource – eBooks, SDKs, Compilers and some other important materials while the best part of the work is Offline.


If presently, you score yourself upto 75% with the above parameters,  then within the next few months you would surely have become an IT professional (if you don’t quit). It could be this logical and automated.

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