The New YNaija, All Things White And Beautiful

Ever visited For twitter fans, @YNaija can be said to be an awesome follow, as it’s taking the steps to becoming one of the nation’s hottest online source for all things young, hip and Nigerian.

Nonetheless, one thing I’ve always had against the brand is (well, it’s now ‘was‘, since it’s changing) the website design. The old YNaija was ugly, as it came with ‘very long’ headings, displaced photos, off-color tabs, and a christmas-ish background.

Well, only readers that visited the web version would know this, as the mobile version is simple and fantastic.

Roll out the old. The new is here

Taa-daa! The new YNaija website design comes with a white background, same as on some of my favorite websites including: Inc., Forbes, TechCrunch, and of course, oTeKbits. The new look also comes with a slider carrying 7 posts, as well as segmented blocks for different content channels.

What happens next?

Although the site is not yet complete (and I know this because I saw a sneak preview of the finished design), the already made changes are very much welcomed. Will this attract more readers to the site? For local/resident readers, maybe not. Since most local readers (up to 80%)  access the web from mobile devices.

However, there is a huge number of readers in diaspora that will want YNaija’s content from the desktop, laptops, and tablets. No doubt, the new YNaija will be provide a better experience.


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