What to Expect from Inmobi’s Presentation at Mobile Web West Africa 2012

As we look forward to Mobile Web West Africa next week, it is in order to take a look at what to expect from the event and also remind ourselves on why this is an awesome event to look forward to. All Amber is hosting the event for the second time. There were reports about how packed and useful the first one was. So, if you missed the first event, this is another opportunity you definitely don’t want to miss.

On the first day, we’re going to have the managing director of Inmobi in Africa speaking on the expansion that has taken place in the mobile sphere in Africa and look at case studies of companies that have used mobile ad and profited effectively from it.

What is Inmobi?

Inmobi is an Asian-based independent ad network that helps content publishers as well as other companies leverage the power of mobile technology in reaching their target market. Mobile ad is usually very accurate as there are certain target parameters like region, carrier network, types of devices, demographics and time of the day.

Just last year, Inmobi acquired Sprout – a company that offers an easy-to-use platform for building HTML5-based ads. InMobi will be integrating Sprout’s ad builder into their platform. This is apt as we see the growing need for HTML5 contents as there are more devices supporting HTML5 and growing.

And if you missed the story, Inmobi also just signed a partnership with Opera Software to bring about an easy way for content-publishers and application developers to be able to monetize their contents using SmartPay. With SmartPay, the over 160 million users of opera mini can be monetized. I’m definitely looking forward to see how that will work. Possibly, there will be a mention of it during the conference.

As we all know and mentioned in the video below, Mobile is the most ubiquitous media channel and more and more people are depending on it for communication [22%], accessing entertainment [19%], getting news updates [14%], while shopping is still the least [8%] but growing.

[youtube _igqRJjRme4]

So, with Nigeria’s move for cash-less economy and a spike in m-commerce, there will be a spike in the amount of people who make shopping decision on their phones and will be able to make instant purchase thereby improving the conversion and activation rate for brands that will be using mobile ad.

You can also watch the video below on interview with Isis Nyong’o.

[youtube Fq6h_3FDs1A]

What to Expect at #MWWA2012?

Inmobi’s session is therefore going to be an interesting session to look forward to. Isis Nyong’o, Managing Director, Inmobi Africa will be looking at how mobile is changing Africa in many different ways and also consumer behaviour in 3 key African markets. I expect the presentation to cover:

  1. what’s changing and at what rate?
  2. Research on commerce, adoption, experiences, content and services

Technology is at the moment disrupting many industries and especially mobile technology, thereby changing the way we live and interact. As a business person, you either learn how these changes are taking place and adapt to them or you let them run you down. This should be an interesting session to look forward to.

If you are not yet planning to attend this event, this is the right time to make up your mind. Visit the Mobile Web West Africa event page for details.  And if you can’t make it, I will be there covering the event life. See you here or at #MWWA2012.

Photo Credit: newafricaanalysis.co.uk



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