Travel Techy, Samsonite Luggage Back Up Battery

Samsonite is well known for its brand of suitcases, yours truly owned a couple but to my utmost surprise I realized the company is into other things. Introducing the Samsonite Backup battery, a small lightweight battery that can fit into your briefcase, laptop and into ladies oversized bags.

The battery is ideal for people on the move and some of us who have inadequate power supply but are addicted to our power guzzling devices.

The battery is 1400mAh which is enough to boost your device power by almost half, while some other backups offer a single cord for micro usb, Samsonite thinking like a company that caters for millions of travelers and knowing their needs for constant power and the various range of devices people lunge around, the device has 5 cords for you to choose from; Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Mini USB and a Micro USB.

Each cord is only 5-inches long to save space, distance and keeping the whole thing compact. There are 2 LED lights on the top of the unit to display if you are charging and if it is fully charged. The housing is aluminum with a black accent around the outside.

This beautiful device might be a great thing to try out. I don’t know about its availability in Africa but it is available on Amazon or you can check out the Samsonite site for more details but it retails under USD$50.


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