The Craziest Tweets from the Nigeria vs Bosnia Match

Every football match is a social media event, but the Nigeria-Bosnia match was intense!  After an amazing performance by Ghana against Germany, Africa had hope again, and Nigeria didn’t disappoint!  Anyway, today, we have a compilation of some of the craziest tweets from during and after the match.  They were too many but you know we had to pick some of the best. If you think we’ve missed any awesome ones, let us know!


Everyone got in on the action

From our in-law


To Wyclef Jean


There’s Always Time for Some Good Ol’ Nigeria/Ghana Rivalry



This Chap is Clearly Channelling his Inner Michelle Williams


Boy, Was He Wrong!



Now, about that Musa




And Mikel Obi (sigh!)


But wasn’t Emenike fantastic?!





And then the Big Boss




But the Star Player of the Game Was…






What does it mean indeed?