Stay Connected On The Move With Nomad Mobile Powerbank

A friend once joked that now, people don’t ask for food or water when they visit, they ask for a charger for their mobile devices. But my own charging drama stopped after gotten Nomad power Storing Charger.

Nomad 5-port universal charger is a mobile power storing charger with 11,000mAh which gives up to 83 hours of talk time charge on a smartphone and the opportunity of charging multiple phones at a go with its eight phone connectors. Although the 5-port universal charger is not pocket size, with 131mm x 80mm x 20mm, it looks smart and can be used even in a meeting for people to connect with it.

Facts about Nomad 5-port Universal Charger:

  1. Nomad 5-port universal charger can charge all phones, phablets and tablets. All Nomad chargers come with charging cable and connector tips for microUSB, miniUSB, Nokia, Apple 30-pin, SonyEricsson, PSP.
  2. A Nomad charger only loses 6% of its charge if you store it for one whole month without using it.
  3. The Nomad Laptop charger has switchable voltage settings of 12v, 16v and 19v. It comes with connectors for virtually every laptop
  4. Nomad chargers are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with what you get, they’ll refund your money.
  5. In these days of electrocuting iPhones and exploding S4 phones, a Nomad Charger is the safest way to charge your phone because it includes multiple protection features to keep you and your devices safe.
  6. A Nomad 10H weighs about the same as an iPhone5
  7. A Nomad 5-port weighs less than an iPad and can fit in the back pocket of your jean

The Nomad Charger Online Store can get your Nomad delivered same day in Lagos if you order before noon.

Photo Credit: mzeuner via Compfight cc