RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Curve 9320 – A Stylish, New Smartphone for the Socially-Connected

Blackberry has continuously retained its position as the no 1 smartphone in Nigeria. They have recently changed their Cheif Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer. In a conversation I had with Russell Southwood of Balancing Act last week, he told me he’s more confident that Microsoft Windows Phone will do better that RIM. He spotted RIMs problem as that of organisational set up.

Be that as it may, RIM is not giving up and they are reloading their gun to aim higher. Recently they’ve been looking at a revamp of their operating system and they are looking forward to the BB10, which is a total departure from the current operating system. Zubair Abubakar, the Nigerian Blackberry developer that developed the Nigerian Constitution application for Blackberry said he’s excited about the BB10.

RIM has recently announced Blackberry Blackberry 9320.

Blackberry 9320 according to RIM is going to spot OS 7.1, it will have FM radio that does not require an internet data and you can easily listen to local radio stations. Price is yet to be revealed, but from the look of things, it is going to be cheap as it is targeted at those who are going to be using smartphones for the very first time. Will all these new release into the Blackberry range help Blackberry to spring back and reclaim the market? Definitely, this will be interesting to watch as the buyers decide. As I have said in a previous post, Blackberry keeps growing stronger and stronger in the Nigerian market.

The release:

Waterloo, ON – Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today announced a stylish new smartphone for socially-connected customers. The new BlackBerry® Curve™ 9320 smartphone features all the core BlackBerry messaging and social-centric features that keep people connected, and it offers global 3G connectivity backed by long battery life to allow users to make the most of their day.


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