#oTeKChat: Join Gossy Ukanwoke, Founder Student Circles and Beni American University

There has been some buzz recently about the “Africa’s Mark Zuckerberg” as Gossy is often referred to by many news headlines. We also wrote about him on our blog. He has been working on Students Circle for some time now while working on a means of improving education in Nigeria and Africa. No doubt there may be some questions you’d like to ask Gossy, founder of Beni American University. On Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 15:00 HRS (GMT+1), we’re going to have him on Twitter for a chat. You will have the opportunity to ask him questions and interact with him openly.

Here are a few questions we would like Gossy to answer:

  •  Why do you think this is a solution for Africa and Nigeria?
  • Will the online training not be too expensive? How much will it cost on the average?
  • What courses will be available in the first phase?
  • Who is eligible?
  • When will the first set of students be admitted?

These are just some of the questions we will be asking Gossy.What question will you like to ask Gossy? We’d like you to send the question in before the chat. How? Log on to Twitter and send the question to us using the hashtag; #oTeKchat. To ensure we don’t miss your question, you can also add our handle, @oTeKbits in your tweet.

We’d be expecting your questions. Once again, the chat will be held on Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 15:00 HRS (GMT+1), i.e. 3pm Nigerian time on Twitter—that is 14:00 HRS GMT. Please join us then.


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