oTeKBrief – Weekly Review 5

Good morning Tech World. If you are just a visitor, you may want to check out the previous review, if not, read on for a summary of what went down last week – at least the ones we could cover.

Facebook’s cool, but then as a fan of ‘localization’, Afroterminal.com did get my excited, because it’s got potential to be ‘Africa’s response to Facebook’ – in the words of @AbiikeBlogger. Well, you may choose to call that audacious, but wait till you read about @OoTheNigerian’s mission to make GBEDU.FM, Africa’s own spotify, or young Arju Rai who is taking on Google Ads with his Odyssey Ads.

Co-Creation outside and inside the hub. Co-founder, Femi Longe had a baby girl, and the Lagos Innovation Hotspots initiative was launched. As usual, Android made news with some friends – Chrome, Google Docs, Ubuntu,  Ubuntu again, not forgetting RIM’s PlayBook 2.0; just a few enemies though outside the U.S. – at least for now.

Telecoms! MTN and Etisalat still offering bonus on the use of mobile money, and the Opera Mini browser respectively (*see country of service). If you are Java developer, make some cool cash off Nokia.

The iPhone 5 is not here, but here’s what this dude thinks it’d look like. The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is here though, but is it really for Africa? While you find out, you may want to know Dataflex joined the likes of Descasio and Simon-and-Noble in providing cloud services in Nigeria, all thanks to ‘Google’, which by the way got a whooping from MicrosoftFacebook Groups are now cool too.

Gonna be rounding off this week’s review with events. NBA All-Stars 2012 is over but still buzzing all over the social layer. NFC developers in London next month should check out isobar. Nigerian students, Microsoft asks –Can you Imagine?

Yeah! That’s it. Do join me today at MoMo Nigeria, Bogobiri Ikoyi, and if you can’t make, we’d be live blogging, so sign up here.

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