#OIAS 2012: Day 3 Recap of Open Innovation Africa Summit, Kenya

Editor’s Note: Perhaps a final post from the #OIAS2012event in Kenya, Africa. Thanks to our eyes and ears at the event – Seyi Eluwole. You can recap of Day1, Day 2, as well as collection of photos from the conference already published. Read on for Day 3 Recap.

Open Innovative Africa Summit 2012 (OIAS) DAY 3 was really impressive and the same time emotional for most participant especially for the vice President of Corporate Relations and Business Environment for Nokia Middle-East and Africa, Jussi Hinkkanen, who shall be leaving the continent of Africa to start working in a Nokia branch in Dubai.

The programme started at around 9:15pm. As ealier promised by the organizer the final day was expected to be the grand finale and a time to really state the action plan for every Innovative ideas on the table.

The morning plenary session does not take so much time because most of the work now has to do with each group within the streams. Each of the group spent about two hours fine-turning their ideas and collapsing numerous innovation into one action plan. For me I think the approach is really remarkable. Is generally believe that sometimes having too much to do could, in reality, result in failure to do any or get one thing done.

The Stream session ended with 5min presentation from each of the groups within the Stream.  Ideas and action plan were carefully vented and discussed with a bid to remove all ambiguity.

We resumed for the final Plenary session after the lunch period (around 1:45pm local time) and each of the group within the stream were giving 2mins to present their ideas. This was the most exciting moment as various brave ideas were presented during the event.

The Open Africa Summit – OIAS 2012 ended with some pop of Champaign and wonderful ovation from cultural dancers. Participant exchange pleasantries and business cards as the meeting was brought to an end.


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