JoggeBuzz: Another Way To Do More With SMS

JoggeBuzz is a novel product from the stables of Cedarview Communications Limited.  The product was created to enable people share relevant information with friends and those with related interests. It runs over SMS which is a common service that runs on almost phones in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa; thereby making it an inclusive service.

Furthermore, there is a mobile and web application that complements the offering. The platform allows users create content and get people to subscribe to updates or posts via a fee or free – so it comes with both a freemium and premium module.

Providing Value for Content

One thing JoggeBuzz sets off to do is unlock the potential of writers, content providers, informed persons to share simple messages with all anybody with an SMS enabled phone – well, that’s everybody.

Imagine a young graduate that prides in the knowledge of proverbs, sharing those with people from around the world. The platform charges the receiver of the information easily and pays 70% of the fee to the content provider.

It empowers Local and State Governments to give accounts easily to their electorate as residents can easily subscribe to those posts once via a short code or online and pull content from Governors & Local Government Chairmen.

With Jogge Buzz it becomes easy for farmers and rural dwellers to get relevant content on their phones easily on proper agricultural techniques in local language. Health tips can also be sent to dwellers in remote areas of the country improving life and living.

In a nut shell, Jogge buzz is a free group sms service that buzzes friends and followers posts over SMS, as it users to not only send messages to a group of people or anyone, but also receive messages from persons or groups that is of interest.

JoggeBuzz is (somewhat) free, and keeps you connected and informed, as you get to send and receive messages on the go, to and from friends, groups from around the world. Click here to check out JoggeBuzz.


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