MWWA2012 Session 2 Recap: The Importance of Local & User Generated Content

The second session focused on content generation and we had big players on the African scene make the panel. Emma Kaye (CEO, Bozza) kicked off sharing How Content is Driving the uptake of Technology. Bozza, although more dominant in South Africa, is already spearheading the ways by which local content are generated and how good curation appeals to eyes – both local and foreign. Perhaps, nothing shared will be new if you read up on the pre-event post we did about Bozza and Emma Kaye.

Jason Njoku (Founder, iROKO Partners), did a stellar job in showing how iROKO Partners is now successful in putting value on local content – Nollywood. Brands such as iROKOTV and iROKING have taken the video and music content and packaged for use by both the local and international marketUS, UK, Canada and Italy is where much of the traffic to Nollywood love comes from. Although so much money is lost to pirates, Iroko Partners is working on curbing this problem. As far as iROKO is concerned, the winners are fans, content producers, advertisers and partners.

Perhaps the most interesting speaker of this session was Alan Knott-Craig (CEO, MXit). His response to a participant who asked what MXit does was ‘Sometime, I don’t know myself‘. Well, one thing is for sure; MXit started out as a free SMS chat system that allowed people meet other people online – chat and then date. It has however grown into whatever you want it to be. Let these figures shock you: MXit’s got 50 million registered users, of which 12.5 million users are active, and the service supports over 3,500 mobile devices.

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