Mini Marketing Campaign, Less Is Really More

Mini marketing campaigns are a first choice option to market your company. This small-scale style of marketing can help you attract more customers as you don’t want to go spending too much only to get three people’s attention and then converting only one.

Not to say it’s not important to spread your seeds and make use of most if not all the platforms, however, less is more when it comes to modern marketing. Perhaps startups and SMEs will appreciate this, since there is a tight cap on how much resource available to marketing.

So, here are 5 ways to get it right:

1. Focus on your customers rather than everyone.

By having an event or promotion that is almost exclusively aimed at your customers, you’ll make them feel that little bit more special. Instead of having a large sale outside your store, do it inside and offer special discounts such as “spend more than $10 and get one item free”.

2. Use a new style of promotion to catch the attention of customers.

It might be something as small as using a hands-on demonstration where customers get the chance to experience the product under their own control. This will let them understand how the product works and whether or not it’s better than previous ones.

3. Sponsorships are a quick way to put your name on everyone’s lips.

And what could be better to sponsor than an industry event? Sure, it might cost more money than you’d like to spend, but at the end of the day you don’t need to do much. By spending money (or donating stock as giveaways or competition prizes), you can easily get your brand name into the title of the event. For example, instead of the event being “the Annual Web Summit”, it would be “the Annual Web Summit brought to you by oTeKbits”.

4. Customers come one by one or in small groups.

These are the people that you need to identify and then introduce to your products or services. If you’re in the chainsaw business, chat to every man that walks past, no matter whether they look like they know what a chainsaw is or they haven’t got the faintest idea.

5. Go back to the drawing board and look at failed attempts.

Analyse them, assess them, and then rework them. Even if it means calling up old customers or people who’ve inquired but not bought to find out how they’re doing or even invite them down to experience new products, it’s a quick and easy method of mini marketing that could bring in business.

Source: Craig Falck for


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