KiK group messaging finally returns to Blackberry

The famous group messaging application KiK finally makes a come back to the Blackberry platform after been banned from the App Store. What was the reason for the ban? Well that is a long story. KiK before the ban was one of the most downloaded cross platform group messaging application ever built for smart phones. It enabled people with IPhones,BlackBerry and Android talk to each other in the same manner as RIMs messaging service.

KiK experienced so much download that it became a threat to RIMs messaging service. By some gimmick RIM accused KiK of falling short of some developer agreement and next thing  we know,  KiK gets kicked off the BlackBerry App Store. If you ask me, such a ban didn’t go well with non-BlackBerry folks (myself included).

This time around however you can’t  download Kik just off the Blackberry App Store but rather directly from the KiK website at . The newest version of KiK messenger boast of improved speed, better user experience and lots more. So if you are a Blackberry owner and wish to share some group messaging love with the rest, download the application and spread some love.