Is Google Trader a threat to Local Listing Businesses?

The way Google hunched its way into Nigeria classified ads market with the launch of the Google trader service has already been generating a lot of reaction. Many see this as a welcome development while others see this as a real threat to existing local businesses offering similar service. The question that many will seek answer to in the next few days is ” what is the future of Nigeria local ads company – Dealfish, Tradestable and Nairalist?

The management of existing companies feel, at the moment, that this is a welcome competition, but only time will tell if this will be their story in the next few weeks. In a post on Nairaland, Seun Osewa was asking for what people think about the competition landscape in Nigeria. Most of the contributors on the site believe the introduction of Google trader into Nigeria market may signal the end of other companies. While this may be true, we feel Google still has a lot of work to do to win a larger share of the market.

The journey has only just started…We will closely monitor event as it unfolds and offer our un-biased analysis / report to you our reader