How To Bootstrap a Business While Holding a Job

Have a job? If you do, it’s awesome. You can use the paychecks to bootstrap a company. Here is how.  Join 1M/1M premium program today. Spend 50 hours studying the 1M/1M Curriculum . Do it evenings and weekends. In 2-3 months or sooner you will fully understand how to start and build a viable technology company, Silicon Valley style.

You will know how to pick the right idea, how to validate that idea, how to position your product in the market and how to get paid for what you created by customers who are delighted to buy and use your product. You’ll put your brilliant idea through the 1M/1M validation methodology, and see if it has legs. If not, you’ll test another. You’ll keep going at it, until you find an idea that passes the 1M/1M litmus test, meaning someone needs your product and will pay for it today.

If you keep your job, you can do it right, even if it take you 6-12 months because you have the time. You don’t have to rush and push a half-baked product onto an ill-defined market.

Once you have a solid, validated idea, you can quit your job and jump in fully.

Any questions? Feel free to call me at +1 786-301-2456 or Skype me at irina_patterson and we’ll talk how 1M/1M could be applied to your specific situation.

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Post written by Irina Patterson, Ambassador, One Million by One Million