How Incubators Partner with 1M/1M

The 1M/1M philosophy is to strengthen the entire entrepreneurial eco-system.  Because of the scale of our efforts we use technology extensively to manage our relationship with our global partners. We try to make it easy for incubators to educate entrepreneurs about the benefits of 1M/1M Program.

Most of our partnerships are structured as Affiliate Relationships. It allows us to manage our relationships efficiently and reward our partners fairly, according to their contribution to this global effort.

To reward our partners financially, we offer generous affiliate commissions (10% of a $1000 annual 1M/1M Premium Membership fee that individual entrepreneurs pay when they join the program).

Here are just a few 1M/1M affiliation strategies that incubators use. They:

  • Promote 1M/1M free weekly roundtables to their local entrepreneurs
  • Host live meetups around 1M/1M free weekly roundtables
  • Syndicate Sramana’s weekly roundtable recap column on their blogs and newsletters
  • Discuss the 1M/1M Program on their blogs and newsletters
  • Make 1M/1M as one of the menu choices on their site

There are many other ways for incubators to affiliate with 1M/1M. We are always open to suggestion from our partners on how we could work together and create greater shared value.

Would you like to discuss this? Then, come join us at the next 1M/1M Strategy Roundtable. We’ll  talk about this and much more.

Please share this message with anyone who you think could benefit from affiliating with the 1M/1M Global Initiative. 1M/1M aims to nurture a million entrepreneurs reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and beyond by 2020, thereby creating a trillion dollars in global GDP and ten million jobs.

1M/1M partners with incubators by offering them a scalable way of growing their business, so that they could nurture a greater number of entrepreneurs and create greater shared value globally.

P.S. Please write me at if you would like to discuss how to partner with 1M/1M.

P.P.S. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to use the 1M/1M self-assessment tool for their businesses.

This post was written by Irina Patterson, Ambassador of One Million by One Million