Not So Cool. Google Glass – The Objective & Distraction

Editor’s Note: Remember @JesseOguns came all out excited about Google Glass, and how it is way cooler than Siri? Well, Godwin Bassey (@DaTecNerd) seems to be on the other side of things and shares how much it sucks. @DaTecNerd is a System Administrator, and an enthusiastic blogger with particular interests in concept devices, automobile tech, audio video tech, computing, gizmos & mobile devices.

Suddenly all your friends are wearing those dumb black nerd glasses. You, as the NYC-dwelling (of course) uberhipster in the first clip, spend your day at the Strand Bookstore, chasing around a food cart, photographing street art and learning how to play something called Monsieur Gayno on the ukulele. [Let’s make than a resident of Lagos, with top swags, spend your day at the Co-Creation Hub, chasing around a mocality listing, photographing the Sabo-Yaba skyline and learning how to write ‘ruby on rails’ via]

[youtube t3TAOYXT840 nolink]

The video’s ridiculousness goes beyond its blatant target marketing, in that it avoids one terribly obvious problem: Computers sometimes really suck.

“People I have spoken with who have seen Project Glass said there is a misconception that the glasses will interfere with people’s daily life too much, constantly streaming information to them and distracting from the real world. But these people said the glasses actually free people up from technology …”



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