Google introduces adsense report by country

Google today announces a modification to the way publishers or website owners can view their adsense report. According to the report on Google adsense blog, publishers who want to understand their AdSense performance based on where their users are can now do that with the the countries report which became available from today.

As a current adsense account member, all you have to do is to navigate to the Performance reports tab. Then click on the “Countries” report under the navigation sidebar. You will see a report your site’s earnings by visitor country. Google, however, pointed out that this report will not contain any historical earnings data prior to the time this feature is made available in your account. You will only be able to view earlier click and impression data by countries, but historical earnings data will not be visible.

What are you waiting for? Try it now! Navigate to the Performance reports tab, and select the countries report.

Image source: Google adsense blog