Get A Weather App, It Might Just Rain Today

Rainy day? Don’t pack your umbrella, get a weather app. The rainy season has begun in Nigeria and the Meteorological organizations have given us the heads up of how bad the situation will be.

Can we stop rain? Nope, but there are apps that can help and maybe ease vehicular traffic on our roads. So what is more effective than having a reliable forecast at your fingertips without having to log unto a website or wait for the (unreliable) weather after the news.

There are different types of weather apps depending on the device you use. Weather apps like AccuWeather, GoWeather, Weather Channel App, Weatherbug for iPhone and Elite for the iPad, Weather Underground, EarthBuzz, OurCast are huge in terms of downloads. Personally, I use WeatherEye.


Besides the daily forecasts in different languages, you can choose the option of receiving weather forecasts daily in your mailbox. Other indices provided include: dew point, UV index, sunrise and sunset times, and temperature.

You can enjoy this Apps for Free if you don’t mind the ads. And since everyone is going social, some of these apps offer opportunities to share weather information with your friends via social media – twitter, Facebook and more.

So what are you waiting for? These apps were created for a purpose. It is time more Nigerians embrace them and maybe our developers will come up with our own versions too.


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