Food Network Africa for your African taste

Are there no other recipes other than the regular? Are there no African recipes anymore? Are there no other tribe recipes? I have been disturbing my friends and family with these questions for quite sometime now, because I need to change taste and see other option available to me.

Luckily I came across Food Network Africa through Inspiration FM’s morning show and I learnt there are many food recipes even in  Nigeria that I have never heard of, not to talk of taste.

So, what is Food Network Africa?

Food Network Africa is an African food spice and recipe sharing forum, where everything about African foods is shared and discussed. The site went live on Friday evening  – February 4th, 2012, and provides you an online platform where anyone can learn how to dish some delicious African food with all the spices required.

There are some interesting forum for sharing and discussion on Food Network Africa like:

Restaurant Reviews
Let’s Hear Your Views On Visit to Different Restaurants

Endangered Food Recipes
Do you know any endangered species?

Food and Romance
What has food got to do with romance!

Free Recipes
Make Your Discoveries Available Here

The site is also accessible on  mobile.

Yes, it’s time for me to get new recipe for new taste; bon appetite.