Femi Falana Joins Channels TV for Google Plus Hangout Tomorrow, Sunday, 3rd June

I have kept saying that as far as Google Plus is, it is a ghost town in Nigeria. I earlier made a call that Google should improve the mobile experience and tailor it to the needs of the African users–low bandwidth and feature phones are factors to consider.

Channels TV is on their way to help change that and fill Google Plus with activity. They had the first Google Plus hang out with Elrufai May 6th this year. I noticed that many folks from the diaspora also joined.

This time around it is going to be with Femi Falana. To join the Google Plus hang out tommorow at 2pm WAT [Nigerian Time], you can follow Channels TV here http://gplus.to/channelsTV.

The hashtag for the Hang Out is #AskFemeFalana. Your question stand a chance of being answered if you use that hashtag. Hashtags works on Google Plus in a similar fashion to how they work on Twitter. You can also use the same hash tag on Twitter to ask your question.

Will you be joining the hangout tomorrow? Will this move by Channels TV, a media house, boost the acceptance of the platform by more Nigerians who love talking about the state of the Nation?


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