Compete in Facebook’s 2012 Hacker Cup. Only for the World’s Best Programmers.

The Facebook Hacker Cup started off in 2011 with 11,768 people from around the world competing to solve some of the most difficult algorithmic coding challenges in three online elimination rounds. Twenty five emerged as finalists and were flown to Facebook’s HQ in Palo Alto, California, to compete.

1st place: Petr Mitrichev
2nd place: Anh Tuan
3rd place: Tiancheng Lou

Facebook has just announced its 2012 Hacker Cup. This a second edition of  a global computer programming competition. The event will serve as an important recruiting tool to attract great coders to the company as well as limelight. In each round, competitors will try to solve complex algorithmic problems as quickly and accurately as possible. Finalists will be flown to the new Facebook HQ in silicon valley, with the winner named the world’s best hacker.

Programmers looking to claim the bragging rights, a token $5,000 grand prize, or looking to get a job coding for Facebook can register here. The competition’s 3 preliminary rounds and the finals will be held throughout January. Don’t have a clue on what the competition will look like still? Here’s some sample questions from last year’s competition, and a review of the finals.

Go for it!