Amazon To Launch $200 Android Smartphone

This seems to be the season for a whole lot of competition driven by fear. As Google launches Nexus and Apple is believed to be releasing its iPad-mini before the end of the year, there is also a lot of buzz in rumorville about the e-retailer Amazon working with FoxConn, which coincidentally is the same Chinese company that manufactures Apple’s iPhone, for the production of its android based smartphone.

The rivalry between Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon heats up as each one is encroaching into the other’s territory.

Apple sued Amazon for using the name ‘app store’ for its application store. Amazon has spread its wings from content and is hoping to give Apple a run for its money following successes of the Kindle e-reader and its software ecosystem.

The Kindle fire is said to have been the driving force for the production of Google’s Nexus. Amazon has produced low priced hardware and is balancing it up by making money from the sales of its digital content which includes music, videos, books and video games.

The Smartphone is rumored to be priced below $200. Amazon prides itself on content, will the smartphone be a smart move?

The company isn’t as financially buoyant as its rivals. I think consumers will rather purchase content on easier to view devices such as the Kindle rather than the ‘smaller’ smartphone and they are within the same price range.

Another buzz making its way around is the Facebook smartphone. Eh…if this is true, I hope it won’t be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Only time will tell.


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